The world’s top football teams throughout history

The world's top football teams throughout history

Several award ceremonies, numerous transfers, and thousands of soccer games are played each year between hundreds of clubs. The number of fans for these clubs varies as a result each year.

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The majority of a team’s supporters are still determined by attendance or the number of jerseys sold, as in the past. The club should, of course, be aware of these additional crucial considerations. So let’s look at the TOP football clubs that are currently competing on the world stage.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

Real Madrid is frequently mentioned in the press when people think of the most dominant football teams, and its successes are well-known to fans all around the world. Even though Ronaldo’s departure would cost the team a lot of supporters, the club’s management remained in place. Real Madrid has won the Champions League 13 times. In La Liga, he has 33 triumphs. It would be a mistake to return from Madrid without seeing this club play, which is recognized as the best club in the world.

Spain’s FC Barcelona

The Barça football team was established in 1899. Over 99,000 spectators enter the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona each year. The team has taken home 26 La Liga, 30 Copa del Rey, 13 Spanish Super Cup, and 5 Champions League championships since 2014.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi is the first player that comes to mind when thinking of Barcelona. The football player is ranked second among those who have scored the most goals (112) in UEFA Champions League and other European competitions. Why the team has so many fans is likely due to having one of the top players in the world.

Manchester United

The Red Devils are third by a huge margin! In the same city, Manchester United, the most successful football team in England, goes by that name. Despite being founded in 1878, it didn’t engage in combat until 1902 when it went by the moniker we all know and love.

The team has won the Premier League 20 times and the Champions League three times, including twice under Alex Ferguson’s leadership. 38 trophies were gathered by United between 1986 and 2013: 13 Premier League, 5 FA Cups, and 2 UEFA Champions League medals.


In 1897, the association was founded. The Juventus Stadium, where home games are held, can accommodate more than 41,000 fans. Club record: 35 victories in the Italian Serie A, 13 in the Coppa Italia, 8 in the Italian Super Cup, and 2 in the Champions League. With Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018, a stir was created. The addition of a player that has amassed a million fans over the years has surely improved their fan base.


The Chelsea Football Club, also known by the nicknames The Blues and The Pensioners, was established in 1905 and is now based in London. Only one Champions League title was earned by the team, in 2012. Its name has been associated with flagrant transfers over the years. Frank Lampard, the team’s current head coach, is a legend.

Liverpool FC

We go back to the English clubs on our list. They have the air of authority. In the Premier League, nothing ever changes.

The Reds football team was founded in 1892, and they currently play at Anfield Stadium, a venue with a nearly 53,000-person capacity. The group has won the Champions League six times, including in 2018 and 2019.

FC Saint-Germain

One of the top soccer teams in the world is FC Saint-Germain, a club based in Paris. In 1970, the European Club was established. But in a short period of time, he won numerous significant games and rose to prominence as one of the clubs with the most fans and one of the most active squads.

PSG is the most common abbreviation for Paris Saint-Germain, which is also known by the nicknames “Les Parisiens” and “Les Rouge et Bleu.” After Neymar’s signing to the squad—hailed as the most expensive transfer in history in 2017—the fan base increased and all supporters’ attention was drawn to the team.

FC Bayern München

Bayern München
Bayern München

The club was established in 1900, and its sizable Allianz Arena stadium can accommodate 75,000 people. He has only 29 wins in the Bundesliga but hasn’t lost since 2012. Additionally, he has five Champions League championships. It is important to note that the club has a sizable and devoted fan base as a result of its success.

Arsenal FC

The 1886-founded club with the most titles in the globe competes in the Premier League alongside Manchester City. The nearly 60,000 square foot Emirates Stadium ought to be included on the list of football enthusiasts’ trip must-see destinations.

Man City FC

The Manchester Football Club is a well-known Premier League team with its home base in Manchester. Due to the club’s most recent two successes in 2017–2018 and 2018–2019, which resulted in a combined six Premier League crowns, fan numbers have been steadily rising in recent years.